This Week in Gaming| Fortnite Breast: Lazy Devs or Difficult Mechanics?

This Week in Gaming is a weekly gaming and esports news wrap up. I try to get the 3-5 biggest headlines. Check back every week on Saturday to watch the wrap-up. Also feel free to check out my other videos on YouTube. I have videos from Let's Plays to Headwrap...

Tips, Tricks & a 60 Parsecs Review

60 Parsecs is a survival simulation game placed in outer space during the 1960s. This space-bound game is a sequel of 60 seconds game, another simulation game. Both developed by indie dev Robot Gentleman. The Story... IN SPACE! The captain of the Astrocitizen Program...

The Low Road PC Review

The Low Road is about a spy who doesn’t know when to quit. Point and click your way to the truth. The Low Road releases on the Switch Aug. 23, 2018.

The Good, The Bad, The Switch

Thinking about getting a Switch? Let Senita help you decide…

Microsoft E3 Briefing

Xbox E3 Briefing was anything but brief! Check out this synopsis on everything they said plus a few personal opinions.