The FGC Plays No Games with Gun Violence

Two years ago there was a shooting at an Orlando Gay night club. In response to the shooting, CEO organizer, Alex Jebailey, took the necessary precautions and upped security to make attendees feel safe. So, it's no surprise that a potential new threat shows up and he...

Square Enix E3 2018

Square Enix was short, sweet and to the point. They gave us more insight for Kingdom Hearts 3 and show us a teacher a Monster Hunter & Final Fantasy mashup plus gameplay from the new Tomb Raider. Just take my money.

Microsoft E3 Briefing

Xbox E3 Briefing was anything but brief! Check out this synopsis on everything they said plus a few personal opinions.

junaEsports | PUBG Shows Salt Levels

PUBG Emerges from their Salt pile to Sue Fortnite Fornite is making more with microtransactions than PUBG is making in game sales. PUBG is suing Fornite allegedly for copyright infringement. Epic games is being accused of copying the game mechanics and items....

Bethesda Fallout Teaser

Bethesda is streaming a “Please Standby” card on their Twitch. They also tweeted out the TV tester card a couple of hours ago.

junaEsports Daily | New Host for Street Fighter V Invitational

Overwatch viewership dips and no one is sure why, the Tokyo Game Show’a main attraction this year is esports & ELeague finally found a new host to replace Richard Lewis.

junaEsports Daily | Team Liquid is making history

junaEsports Daily  - May 22nd, 2018. Team Liquid is making History! Brazilian Team Liquid blew everyone out the water by becoming Season 7's Rainbow Six Siege champs. Team Liquid flowed through FNATIC with a 6-5 then Oregon 5-2 making it to the semifinals. To get into...

Fortnite Funding Community Tournaments

Epic Games is funding Fortnite community competitions with $100,000,000 worth of prizes. They haven't fully released the details but they did say; "We’re getting behind competitive play in a big way, but our approach will be different - we plan to be more inclusive,...

Red Bull AdrenaLAN BYOC Tourney

Red Bull’s first esports online tournament starts July 27 and Gamelynx raised $1.2million for mobile esports games.

Developer Update: Overwatch Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been two years of Overwatch? Blizzard has some awesome things planned for this Anniversary Event – will you be playing?