XO Academy: A Fighting Game Bootcamp

Women don’t exactly, move through the Fighting Game Community (FGC) with ease. As a person who was considering competition I was constantly being told, “Git gud or don’t play.” And while I’m sure he meant that as some sort of backward encouragement, I didn't feel...

What’s New in Mortal Kombat 11

What’s new in Mortal Kombat 11

This Week in Gaming| Fortnite Breast: Lazy Devs or Difficult Mechanics?

This Week in Gaming is a weekly gaming and esports news wrap up. I try to get the 3-5 biggest headlines. Check back every week on Saturday to watch the wrap-up. Also feel free to check out my other videos on YouTube. I have videos from Let's Plays to Headwrap...

The Low Road PC Review

The Low Road is about a spy who doesn’t know when to quit. Point and click your way to the truth. The Low Road releases on the Switch Aug. 23, 2018.

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Madden Tournament

*UPDATED* Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida Turns Deadly Sunday Afternoon a gunman opened fire in at a Madden Tournament. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed there are multiple fatalities including one of the potential gunmen. There are 4 officially dead....

D. Va Re-Engaging + New Patch Notes

Overwatch released a new short today, Shooting Star, featuring D.Va. It’s a quick short about her saving the town, Busan, by defeating the Kishin. This clip shows all of her latest moves; fusion cannons, defense matrix, boosters, micro missiles, light gun, and even...

POC Suffer When Communities are Diminished

This isn’t just about Twitch getting rid of their communities, this is also about feeling left out, once again, by this platform. Communities on Twitch started off for Small Streamers to have a better rate of viewing. Or so like-minded people can share things with...

Nintendo Directly Killed Luigi in Aug 2018

The Nintendo Direct is what we expected, all about Smash. It’s rightfully so, they are packing in a lot for this game. But is Luigi dead? Yes, yes he is.

Sakurai is Sick of the Smash Community

Luigi dead and this the last Smash game ever, thanks for reading my article! No seriously, they didn’t give Luigi back his soul and this Super Smash Bros Ultimate reveals new characters. Characters Simon/ Richter - which are similar in fight styles but different...

Capcom Puts SFV at the Forefront for Esports | junaEsports

Capcom Puts SFV at the Forefront for Esports, cheating in esports and League Switches up the game!