Jay-Ann Lopez, Founder

Jay-Ann Lopez is a empowerment influencer, poet, public speaker and entrepreneur.  She is the Founder of Black Girl Gamers and Co-founder of Curlture.

Curlture, the other successful online platform Jay-Ann has co-founded; focuses on natural hair, beauty and supporting businesses within the community.  Having grown this platform for 4 years to a following totalling over 50,000 online, Jay-Ann is no stranger to growing a community.  The success of Curlture has led Jay-Ann and her best friend/co-founder Trina to self-publish a book (KINK); appear on radio and TV including BET international, BBC1 Xtra and more; lead workshops in the UK and abroad; appear on panels and work with major brands to curate innovative content.

In 2015, Jay-Ann used the skills she had gained whilst working on Curlture to create BGG and cater for those who felt invisible and/or ostracised by the gaming community.  Having been an avid gamer since a very young age, gaming has always been integral to Jay-Ann’s personality and lifestyle.  For years Jay-Ann noticed that she and other women like her were perceived to be invisible or unimportant in the gaming scene so she decided to make a change.

Now, as well as co-running Curlture and working on her debut poetry collection, she runs BGG with the help of the elite team, to continue to develop this living, breathing community into the change she wants to see.