The BGG Elite

The BGG Elite Team consists of members of Black Girl Gamers that have existed within the community since it’s inception.  They help manage the community and aid in its progress.



Asia Chase

Community Manager, Stream Manager and Editor

Asia is an experienced writer and top-notch community manager. She is a co-founder of Thumbstick Mafia, a place promoting and supporting women of color in gaming and their content. You can catch Asia covering gaming events including NYC Play and Pax East. Asia prefers support characters in her gaming, if you’re looking for someone to watch over you in Overwatch or learn from in Fortnite join her Twitch or Mixer streams! She shares her keys to success in the gaming world on the Thumbstick Mafia podcast & of course don’t forget to check out her Patreon.

                                                                                       Akua Harris

                                                                                    Community Manager, Social Media Manager

Akua is an avid Star Wars Geek (due to being born on Star Wars Day), Founder of When Geeks Travel and an officer of Geek Girl Brunch NYC.  Now that she’s been bitten by the radioactive cosplay spider, she plans on magically becoming a professional cosplayer – as soon as she learns to sew and masters armor-making. On a typical Friday you can find her at the edge of her bed replaying ME3 and promising she’ll make new decisions this time.





Junae Bennett

Community Manager, Editor, E-Sports Contributor

Blending gaming and black hair care, Junae is the Natural Hair Gamer. She’s the founder of the Curls + Controllers subscription box and a regular contributor to Black Girl Nerds. As a journalist she focuses on reviews and e-sports. Junae favors the fighting and co-op games, so if you’re looking for someone to play alongside she’s your girl!  She also is an adept events manager with many games events and meet-ups under her belt.