Neka Marie

Neka Marie is a gamer, a writer, slightly-more-than-amateur photographer and an entertainer. She enjoys eating large amounts of food, watching too much TV and reading everything from high fantasy to Psychology Today articles. When it comes to gaming, she’s a seasoned vet but will never tell you her age. More than anything she is glad to be a part of the BGG team to talk about gaming and it collides with the many aspects of life IRL. Do not ask her about Power Rangers because this little lady can and will go on for hours.

Krystal Carr

Krystal has been a gamer ever since she was 4 years old stomping on Goombas! Better known by her Gamertag, KittieOnALeash, she’s a Computer Geek by day and Digital Hero by night. She has been a member of PMS Clan for over 8 years and has a competitive gaming history in Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead and even Dance Dance Revolution. Her favorite genres are Horror and Fighting Games, with her all-time favorite video game being Silent Hill 2. Kittie is also an OG Gaming YouTuber, cosplayer, fulltime anime & manga lover, beerleader for Brewcity Bruisers Roller Derby, and also runs her own video game inspired jewelry shop at GeekCastle on Etsy. You can follow KittieOnALeash on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter!

Senita Mahoney

Senita is a multi-genre writer, gamer, and cosplayer. She cosplays play as Numbuh 5 (KND), Pink Ranger (MMPR), Andriod 18, Raven (Teen Titans), Rukia (Bleach), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Sora (Digimon), Rika (Digimon) and she’s still looking to add more.  Senita owns almost every gaming console. Some of her favorite games include The Legend of Zelda, the Persona series, the Xeno series, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokemon. She’s an avid reader, her top favorite author include Tamora Pierce, Richelle Mead, and Alyxandra Harvey. She’s also an avid movie/TV watcher with her favourite currents shows being The Good Doctor and 9-1-1. Senita is highly opinionated so she created a Youtube channel to talk about all those things. When Senita’s not at home, she’s out with friends, playing sports, going to cons, or hanging out at supermarkets.

RedBean (Shanice M.)

RedBean is a fighting game enthusiast and community contributer. She is currently active in the UK Injustice 2 and DBFZ scenes. A YouTuber and tournament commentator in training RedBean is also a super blerd and collects fossils, minerals and Nike Air Max.

Devin Holt-Zimmerman

A Maryland native, Devin grew up playing way too much Spyro, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and mobile games in her tiny rural community. This has never changed. She has written articles for women empowerment and tech blogs. Devin is a firm believer that gaming, technology, and being surrounded by strong women have shaped her success today. She will become Devin Torres in September 2018, and complete her Masters in Distance Education the following Spring. She can’t stop adopting cats and fish, or screaming at Dallas hockey.

Elise Williams 

Elise is a BGG dork with a B.A. in English. She’s been a gamer for as long as she can remember. Her favourite genres are JRPG’s, RPG’s, and Simulation games, but she has been known to play a few first person shooters (mainly Overwatch and Borderlands). When she’s not gaming, she’s usually practicing new recipes, watching Star Trek, or reading manga. She has been known to stream on occasion.

Jessica Green

Jessica (known as Butterfly Samurai online) is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of Coastal Carolina University. Since 2001, she has an online presence in the gaming and cosplay community. Since 2006, she has been writing about pop culture for a variety of websites. Jessica has attended conventions across the country to put on panels about diversity within the geek community.

Michelle Armstrong

Michelle enjoy reading, writing, and playing video games. Some of my favorite series include Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Phoenix Wright. I am a HUGE fan of Nintendo. HUGE! And when I’m not writing and playing video games, you can find me talking about all things Black and nerdy on my blog, Blerdabytes. I also make YouTube videos for Black Girl Nerds, in the hopes of fostering a community that will enable us to take over the world!