ShibaScream is a lifelong video game enthusiast who joined BGG in early 2017 soon after their PAX East panel. A fierce advocate of inclusiveness in the gaming community, she is also a game developer with a decade of experience creating educational and entertainment games on multiple platforms. Coming from a game development background and as a woman of color, Shiba likes to provide a unique and objective perspective about games to her viewers and loves talking gameplay mechanics, game design and art. As a variety streamer, she loves playing horror, co-op, retro and open world games as well as MMORPGS; but will play anything that holds her attention and has a great narrative.


Tori has been part of the Black Girl Gamers group since June 2016 and streams for the Twitch channel once a week. She’s also a huge potty mouth and reps Memphis, TN to the fullest. Although she’s open to all games, she strongly prefers story-driven games, adventure and strategy games. FPS is always an option, as well. In her spare time, she enjoys sharpening her writing skills and learning about social media strategies.