ShibaScream is a lifelong video game enthusiast who joined BGG in early 2017 soon after their PAX East panel. A fierce advocate of inclusiveness in the gaming community, she is also a game developer with a decade of experience creating educational and entertainment games on multiple platforms. Coming from a game development background and as a woman of color, Shiba likes to provide a unique and objective perspective about games to her viewers and loves talking gameplay mechanics, game design and art. As a variety streamer, she loves playing horror, co-op, retro and open world games as well as MMORPGS; but will play anything that holds her attention and has a great narrative.


Tori has been part of the Black Girl Gamers group since June 2016 and streams for the Twitch channel once a week. She’s also a huge potty mouth and reps Memphis, TN to the fullest. Although she’s open to all games, she strongly prefers story-driven games, adventure and strategy games. FPS is always an option, as well. In her spare time, she enjoys sharpening her writing skills and learning about social media strategies.


Ellesria (or Elle for short) is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and variety streamer based in SoCal. If it’s science, travel, or game related, she’s probably into it. She’s practically been gaming since she came out the womb and leans mostly towards horror or rpg’s but Elle is down to play almost anything. If she’s not gaming in her free time, then Ellesria is probably somewhere watching a Kdrama or obsessing over Neil deGrasse Tyson.