This Week in Gaming| Fortnite Breast: Lazy Devs or Difficult Mechanics?

This Week in Gaming| Fortnite Breast: Lazy Devs or Difficult Mechanics?

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Tips, Tricks & a 60 Parsecs Review

Tips, Tricks & a 60 Parsecs Review

60 Parsecs is a survival simulation game placed in outer space during the 1960s. This space-bound game is a sequel of 60 seconds game, another simulation game. Both developed by indie dev Robot Gentleman.

The Story… IN SPACE!

The captain of the Astrocitizen Program either, Emmet or DeeDee, starts off in a space station. Then, a warning hits the intercom saying the station is about to blow! The plan is to gather up crew and resources in 60 seconds before being blasted into space to drift until you find a planet on which to land. And sometimes more is less, not in the terms of cans of soup, but crewmates.

There are three parts to the simulation game, The Drill, Voyager and finally, Survival. After one playthrough you’re able to play in the different modes without going through the sequence. So, instead of having to go through The Drill, which includes the tutorial and the captain gathering materials; there’s an option to dive right into Voyager. In Voyager, the game chooses which resources and crew members are on board and lets the player make the decisions from there. The last mode is Survival. During Survival, the crew finds a planet to inhabit, goes through another set of decision-making series and possibly loses a few mates to hunger or insanity. Better keep those socks handy and not for the reason you’d think.

Ay yo, DeeDee losin’ it!

Atmosphere, Literally

60 Parsecs feels like a Pepper-Ann, Saturday morning cartoon. It is very colorful and keeps the same temperature of color throughout the game; plus it is drawn 2D with black outlines. The start menu is a room with a computer which starts the simulation. The graphics on the computer are grey with a pixelated font. The style of the computer is 95 Macintosh. Once the simulation starts the captain is in their quarters surrounded by cots, baby building blocks, (which could be a hit at children on board but have not been proven yet) and maybe event a crewmate with a bucket stuck on his foot. The shuttle layout is viewed top-down. All the rooms cannot be viewed by standing in one spot. The captain must move throughout the shuttle and find resources and other mates. The room layouts are subtle. The resources are hidden in plain sight within the rooms. When running around the shuttle looking for resources items will highlight very slightly if they can be obtained. And if they cannot the captain will say, “No!”

While the game is loading various beeps and buzzing sound effects are heard, almost like an arcade pinball machine. Even while choosing who will captain the ship there are SFX clicks and clacks of a computer. I’ve never been on a 60s spaceship or any spaceship for that matter, but the atmosphere conveys well. The music presents a trippy 60s sci-fi feel. While walking around and bumping into things during The Drill, there is a satisfying feel of hearing the clamoring chaos of moving furniture, glass bottles, cans of soup cluttering the floor as well as the captain’s space boots stomping from one room to the next while the shuttle doors woosh open in search of crewmates and supplies. While the sound effects are great the amount of stuff on the floor is massive. Plus things are moving everywhere. When Captain Emmet runs and crashes into items they move in front of him causing him to maneuver around them, this is time-consuming! Remember there are only 60 seconds to gather resources.

Run Emmet, you finna die!

How to Move in Space Boots

Maneuvering around items and through the space shuttle is made easy because the controls are simple. Doing them quickly and flawlessly are the hard skills to acquire. There are four controls, including the mouse. Up, down, left, right and click to select. On PC, WSAD or the arrow keys can be used to move the captain around. After entering Voyager only the mouse is used. In Voyager is where the real decision making comes in. No 60’s space shuttle would be complete without being equipped with a sassy A.I. or may be out to kill or just undermine their captain. The A.I. shows everyone’s stats. This isn’t helpful for the first playthrough yet will be something to remember during the second. Knowing what the crew’s strength helps when you land on a planet. Playing with every character is also a great idea because what the A.I. doesn’t tell you is that DeeDee eats like a caveman at a buffet! Baby Bronco takes up two spots on the ship this forces you to leave a crew member behind. Either way, you can’t save ‘em all. During Survival, various crewmates are sent out to discover the planet. Perhaps someone strong should search in caves while someone who has a bit more intelligence should find a museum. Or maybe none of that matters because the more you stretch your crew to take on different tasks it levels up different abilities. Do NOT forget to upgrade the suit and craft something every day! Captain Emmet is pretty smart if he keeps making decisions that play to his intelligence instead of his agility he’ll be a super genius by the end of the simulation. And sometimes no decision is the best decision. Plus being friendly helps – remember you’re the immigrant in outer space. There seem to be a lot of planets and possible situations in this simulation. Every time a new simulation begins the crew and resources are in different spots. At first, this game felt like you couldn’t win, you just do a little better each time, like that game Cleveland was playing in Family Guy. Although the outcomes seem grim, there is an ending where the Captain survives.

That boy got little!

Did this game blow my mind like a quasar?

The first thing I find myself doing was wanting to replay because I perished so quickly. After my third replay, I began to appreciate and get a feel for the game. The story is very simple. The only part that makes me tilt my head is while setting up the backstory the Soviet Union is mentioned and I don’t need that. I’m already excited for the game and then it became US vs Russia – which is appropriate for the time, I guess I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve played through over 10 times now and I ran into the same planet once. I have run into the same problem but it could be a bit more elaborate depending on the planet. There is one artifact that I still cannot figure out what it does. I landed on Mootopia but didn’t get the chance to use. Therefore, I’m still doing playthroughs because I want to know what this artifact is for. The best thing about this game is the replay value. It’s also nice to play a Black man or a woman astronaut especially for the time period for which 60 Parsecs is set.

The Low Road PC Review

The Low Road PC Review


Kovacs graduated from the academy but, is she really ready to be a spy in the field? Right at the beginning of The Low Road, it tests her knowledge on how to talk to suspects to get them to reveal information. Kovacs, you, quickly learn that you have to be any and everyone. This point and click puzzle platformer by XGenStudios is a simple adventure game. There are two agencies and one secret society. As a secret agent, you need to figure out what’s the next move and look for clues that will make infiltrating this secret society easier. It is a lot of double-crossing, snarky attitudes and pickpocketing going on in The Low Road. As Kovacs, you’re trying to work in the field and either agency will do. In order to prove yourself as a worthy spy, no matter which agency you do it for you has to take on the Docillio. Looking for a chance to prove yourself you do what you know best which is to lie & deceive. These are great characteristics to have as a secret agent.



During each mission, there are puzzles which need solving. Like connecting the tubes in the air conditioner system to temporarily break the AC in order to continue on with the story. Important high tech tools like invisible ink, a copier, a telephone, and a recording system are vital to completing missions. This platformer is a point and click. Whether Kovacs needs to walk upstairs, get across to the other side of the screen, talk to someone or acquire new materials, all of this is done by pointing and clicking. To acquire new materials you click and drag them into the filing folder. This part may get interesting on the Nintendo Switch because you will be using a Joycon or maybe the touchscreen feature. The game mechanics aren’t difficult for The Low Road; it’s the ability to utilize your surrounding to complete missions. Some things are very specific like pickpocketing and using keys. Pickpocketing requires you to take out items and replace them with something of the same weight. Then there is matching up keys in a specific order. Some of these puzzles make you really think but, the positive aspect is there is no timer. Starting the first mission, which is a phone call to an accomplice of the Docillio, you have a dossier with information. It’s up to Kovacs to figure out which information to use and what the right answers are without a time limit. The person on the phone is none the wiser if takes five seconds to figure out the answer or five minutes.


The music matched the theme which is a 70s style private investigator vibe. Each soundtrack matches each scene. Since this game is split up into chapters, each chapter introduction has a song. The songs are really calm and subtle background music. It doesn’t add to the suspense. The only thing which creates a sense of urgency is the voice tones of the characters. Every character needs to be spoken with; the dialogue is one thing this game isn’t lacking. It is very important because there are clues hidden within each character. The sound effects that are being used don’t overshadow the ambiance, they add to it. There aren’t any sounds that feel out of place. If the puzzle consists of metal you hear the sounds of metal, even while using the tape recorder you hear exactly what a tape recorder sounds like.


This game feels like a textured painting, a bit abstract because of how the shades and tones in the faces. Movement is very fluid, not choppy. With the point and click feature, the characters move seamlessly across the screen. The colors aren’t too vibrant. Nothing stands out, especially the clues or items needed until it is clicked upon. Everything looks like it is a part background. This makes it a bit harder to spot what is needed for upcoming missions but, this isn’t a bad thing. It feeds into the theme which is, how well you can spot clues.

Replay Value:

The Low Road has a high replay value because there is a chance Kovacs will fail the mission therefore starting again from the last checkpoint. If a vital mission is failed there will be a detailed outcome and a synopsis of what happens to each character in the story. There could be many ways to get the same outcome however, there are certain events that need to be followed for the vital missions. And some missions are going to be an automatic fail no matter how many times they are replayed. That may just be the cost of getting used to being a spy.


What stood out to me was the 70s spy theme. As someone who was interested in watching The BlacKKKlansman, this feel into my lap at a great time. I was on a role for 70s Blaxplotation films.

At first, it was a bit difficult to get into because it looks simple but, I really have to get into and look at the details of each scene. Plus, I came from playing games where speaking to everyone on screen wasn’t necessary to play this game where you couldn’t get anywhere without speaking to everyone. Playing this game on PC I mostly use the keyboard and mouse. There isn’t an option to use an Xbox controller. So, I’m not sure how the mechanics will work for the Nintendo Switch. I’m not sure if XGenStudios will add a mechanic so it will be easier to use the Joycon because I’m not sure how an Xbox controller or any controller would work with a point and click game. For example, would my joystick be an arrow and then I press the ‘A’ button to click, that seems tedious. This game doesn’t need a lot of sound effects. You have enough to worry about solving the puzzles and quickly reading through dossier to also feel pressure from the soundtrack. There is a lot of dialogue and so much of it is important. At some point I was failing missions and redoing cutscenes; I skipped those. I replayed certain scenes to see if I could get a better outcome and there may be an algorithm tied to each answer which could cause success or immediate failure, that’s where the thrill comes from.

I liked playing this game. It was frustrating once I learned that I need to talk to everyone and play along with their word games and use their lingo. There was more dialogue than I cared to go through because I kept failing missions multiple times. I had to go through the same experience and the same conversation multiple times. And certain conversations couldn’t be avoided the second or third time around because there needed to be a change in the answers I gave. I would like to play this on the Switch to check out the mechanics but for now, I think I’ve had my fill of this game on PC. Feel free to check out my livestream of the few chapters.

The Low Road releases on the Nintendo Switch Aug 23, 2018. This game released on Steam July 26, 2017.

The Good, The Bad, The Switch

The Good, The Bad, The Switch

It’s been one year and two months since the Switch’s release and I can say, I still don’t regret my purchase of the Wii U. I’ve been working since 2006; using my money to buy my consoles. Meaning, no more waiting until systems are dirt cheap to purchase them for birthdays or Christmas. Then risk receiving them second hand and slightly broken.

Nintendo DS Lite, The first console I purchased, broke and snapped right in half. That’s okay, my PS2 took all my attention anyway. Eventually, I got a Wii, and a GameCube, and an Xbox but, these are old systems. My next newest system happened to be the 3DS; day one buy. Yes, I dropped $250 on a handheld that barely had any launch titles and three months later dropped in price. Sound familiar? That was okay too because again, my PS2 was my go to console.

By the time I acquired my brother’s Xbox 360, the Wii U surfaced. And I decided, these systems aren’t enough. I need that Wii U.

The Wii U transitioned into the Switch
The Switch is what the Wii U aimed to be; I loved the dual screen. Being able to play off the TV was great because I shared a room. The first titles are amazing. My favorite is Bayonetta. A game that I wasn’t going to pick up until I saw a post ranting about it being a Nintendo exclusive. The console itself failed, in marketing, in execution. What’s the point of having all these great games if no one has the console to play them?

That’s where the Nintendo Switch comes in, despite its subpar launch, buying it day one was a no-brainer for me. I’m a huge Nintendo fan and a brand spanking new Zelda was all I needed to hear. Yes, Breath of the Wild was on the Wii U but, why wait when you can have it on the go? This is a plus for me because I moved far away from my job with no car. You can imagine how the Switch is the perfection solution to combat my three hour trip on public transportation.

Now a year later, it boasts an impressive library. Games making it a worthy buy, including a lot of those amazing games that were once on the Wii U.

Some of the complaints circulating were because of the lack of storage space. To rectify this situation, I recently picked up a 200GB micro SD card for my console. I highly doubt I’m going to use it, and since Nintendo isn’t the only console that needs memory card updates I feel like this complaint was just lobbed at Nintendo because they’re Nintendo. I mostly buy physical copies of games, but the game which takes yo the most space is Bayonetta 2. The port only gave out the first game in digital. The digital version of Sonic Mania barely made a dent, my Breath of the Wild save file took more space than most of my digital purchases combined. For reference, I was only able to download 5 games on my PS3 before needing some more space. For both my Wii U and Switch, I had at least 10 games before I needed more space.

The next complaint is for the price of the accessories. $80 for a pair of new joy cons, which is technically two controllers and $70 for a pro controller. That’s only $10 more than its competitors, but the Switch controller has better battery life and more features. I swear my PS4 controller dies after at most four hours, that’s annoying for when I’m having long game sessions. Now it’s about $30 for the Joy Con charging grip, and I’ll agree that the console should have come with one instead of the plain grip, but I digress, Nintendo not the only company to nickel and dime accessories. And you don’t need the charging grip as the battery on the joy cons last long.

Speaking of Joy cons, I never got new ones, I love playing with them off the console, but the syncing is terrible, I’ve found myself having to resync my controllers a lot recently and for a while, my joy con didn’t sync and I couldn’t play with it off the dock. That’s a problem. Hopefully, the newer joy cons don’t suffer the same fate, but there’s always the Pro controller.

I recently picked up a pro controller. I had a wired Legend of Zelda one, but it was no longer syncing, frustrated I went to GameStop and finally picked up the wireless controller. IT IS SO COMFORTABLE. I never really thought about how controllers fit in your hand but comparing the feel of the Switch wireless to my Wii U wireless and my dual shock controller. It’s just perfect. It’s smooth and soft and it almost makes me want to play Dragonball Xenoverse 2 with it, almost. Sorry folks, I love me some motion controls.

The last complaint and one that I tend to agree with is, it’s lack of apps. There’s still no internet browser. I don’t actually always have my phone near me, plus with its crappy battery life, I often have to save its juice for later. I don’t have a laptop or a tablet and when I’m on the Switch, my significant other is usually on my PC. I shouldn’t have to go to other devices if I need to quickly check something on a website for a game I’m playing. I never realized how much I do that until I couldn’t do it on the Switch. It’s just inconvenient and yes, the Switch is a “gaming console” but why not have it? Why settle for less. They put Hulu on there, it’s clearly capable.

Can we get rid of friend codes?

I’m not actually upset that the virtual console isn’t there yet, I’d rather they fix the way the store looks first because the Eshop is a mess, I liked how the U and the 3DS have in, where games are separated by genre and not just new releases and best sellers. I don’t care what other people buy, I just want to easily get to the action/adventure section without needing a keyword first.

I cannot comment on the online services, the times I jumped online for Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon have been fine. The service is only $20 a year, that’s cool, but that phone app is garbage. Just put it on the Switch and give us wireless headset capabilities since the controllers have no headphone jacks.

Maybe I’m biased being a lifelong Nintendo fan, but if you haven’t picked up the console yet, I highly suggest it. It has great first party titles, it has amazing indie support, and sometimes the third-party games are good, Skyrim and Doom did rather well for being old ports. And you play them all on the GO, best adult console ever. Seriously have you seen the trailers? Mostly adults in them. That’s what we care about right?

Now for the obligatory games, you must own on the Switch list.

-Bayonetta 1& 2

-Breath of the Wild

-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze



-Fire Emblem Warriors

-Hyrule Warrior

-I am Setsuna

-Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

-Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

-Outlast Bundle of Terror & 2

-Pokken Tournament

-Rocket League (cross-platform play)


-Super Mario Odyssey


There, now with that list, plus the plethora of other indie titles and way more first party games to come does that make the $300 still inconceivable? I think not. Go get yourself a Switch, you won’t regret it.

Microsoft E3 Briefing

Microsoft E3 Briefing

Microsoft’s E3 press conference is today and they’re trying to unlock the most achievements! In the beginning Xbox head honcho, Phil Spencer promised us 50 games, 18 exclusives and 15 world premieres. We’re going to explore a few of these titles.

Let’s start with a moment of silence for the person who got fired from Walmart for leaking all those games! We thought it could’ve been a farce but it’s all been true so far.

Photo Source: News4C


Halo Infinite popped up with a trailer. It’s been a few years for since Halo 5’s release. Fans could see the gameplay, lore were good but, is Cortana coming back?

Next up is Ori & the Will of the Wisp, this game isn’t unheard of; we knew it was coming. It is a Microsoft Studios exclusive. We can put this in the exclusive pile.

Now we’re getting into the world pemired games starting with Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice. The trailer didn’t give us too much information about gameplay. However, we do know the game timeframe is 1500s Sengoku Japan. This title could be an action/adventure/rpg. This game is made by FromSoftware which also produces DarkSouls. Maybe it’ll be a similar game or they could be branching off into new terriroties. I do know that the Sumo kinned wrestler looks like a version of Borracho from Mortal Kombat. During the trailer he spit up or threw up green stuff over his sword. That alone had me interested and grossed out.

A few good things happening with Xbox GamePass. The latest released version of Fallout with becoming to the subscription. Todd Howard was super happy to announce that as well as Fallout 76 coming to Xbox.

Mothman was debuted in the trailer. during the documentary about Bethesda Game Studios recently released on YouTube there was a dev wearing a mothian shirt. Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia. In WV folklore, Mothman is a thing. So it’s been confirmed Mothman is in Fallout 76 as well as there are actually some green fields that haven’t been completed desolated by the bomb.


I believe this was in response to the Battle Royale craze and the potential games that would be catering to this fan base. But this really resonated with me while watching the Life is Strange trailer
Life is Strange is coming out with more stories, the newest on ie Captain Spirit.

Personal statement: I’m not sure if his mom is one of the ladies from the past Life is Strange series but honestly, I don’t care. I never really cared for that series. When I saw this little boy, I knew he was going to be the next main character and I instantly thought, *sigh* “I cannot play any more games with only white people in ‘em.”

I know how it sounds but, imagine how I feel. I honestly can’t expect them to put Black women, men or POC in the Life is Strange series. I’m thinking this way because that series is the kind of “white people problems” we talk about. Many Black and POC people go through these struggles but we don’t see them in that role as much as we see white women.



Of course Crackdown premiered, again. It’s a new trailer this time. It says play with Gamepass at launch..but whens launch? Apparently it launches February 2019. I feel like the same people waiting on Crackdown 3 are waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Photo Credit: Me

We’re thinking it but he said it!


Kingdom Hearts
Oh, speaking of Kingdom Hearts it’s coming to Xbox on January 29 as well as other platforms. In KH3 Elsa is have a Killer Frost vs Caitlyn Snow internal struggle.


One game I wanted to get into but never got a chance, Nier Automata is coming to Xbox with all the DLC, arriving June 26, 2018



Metro Exodus’ trailer is definitely entertaining. When it first started I thought, ‘Who is this white M’baku screaming from the top of the junkyard about taking back the land.’


Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails is an Xbox exclusive but not super new. The Cursed Sails is coming in July and Forsaken Shores is coming in September.



Here’s a real world premiere! We had an inkling another Forza was coming and we got Forza Horizon 4! I thought one of the drivers a darker complexion but, i think not. I was excited for that. A few unexpected things from Horizon 4 is the open world setting, quick chat response and the literal seasonal changes. With each season there are new events, experiences and a new take on forza horizon world. It will be available Oct 2, 2018 on Gamepass.

Microsoft Merges with 5 Companies

The initiative is a new Microsoft studio lead by Darryl Gallagher, formal head of Crystal Dynamics.
Microsoft merges with Undead Labs, which made – Into the Worlds; Playground Games, which made Forza & is bringing their expertise of open world engines. Ninja Theory, which made Kung Fu Chaos and Hellblade and Compulsion Games, which made We Happy Few.

PUBG new trailer & modes



Tales of Vesperia made its world premiere with it’s Definitive Edition. The remastered version of this RPG is accompanied by robust combat system, banging soundtrack and is coming this winter.

Division 2

had its turn in the spotlight. We had a chance to see a glimpse of actual gameplay.

Then the Head of Xbox Engineer team came out and announced a few more games for GamePass. We already know about Fallout 4 but there is also, The Division, Elder Scrolls and all Xbox Enhanced games are available today.

There were so many Indie Games there we didn’t get to see but here’s a list:
After Party, Fringe Wars, Below, Waking, Rajh, Super Meatboy, Sable & Dead cells

Session, another Xbox exclusive. It looks like a skating game. Maybe we need something to fill the Tony Hawk Pro Skater void.

DMC World Premiere

Capcom and Hideki Kamiya did it again, DEVIL MAY CRY 5! I was excited to see a black man in the trailer, even though, ya know… protagonist, Nero, is white. Hideaki T said, I waited 4 years for this, DMC is back!
It’s been 10 years since last DMC.
Capcom scanned fully costume models w/ tech by Xbox to make characters super realistic. I think that’s interesting because the girl with Nero looks like Sasheer Zamata & Amy Winehouse mixed together. Kamiya said this is the best game he ever made.

Aww snaps! Cuphead has new playable characters such as Ms. Chalice. There’s also a new Chief but I’m not sure if he’s a boss or character coming in 2019.

Dying Light 2 – survive the night.and the day – modern dark ages
Techland – Chris Avallone
new tech advancement – your choice can affect everything in the game, how it looks, how it plays. A little bit more than a choose your own adventure as the eco system reacts to your choices. One example given is completing a mission for faction gives the city more access to water but then maybe it becomes a dictatorship from that same faction

You know that character they putin Killer Instinct, Rash,… they’re getting a new game. Battletoads is a 3 player couch co-op. I think its funny it’s 4k and the drawing is great but it’s like putting Minecraft in 4k, why?

A game for pops….not your dad but a Gears of War game with pop figures. Oh, good, it’s just announcing new Pop Figures. GOW has a mobile game, Gears Tactics. Gears 5 takes place 12 years before the first Gears.
Gears 5
Working on cross platform game streaming play from consoles, to PC to mobile

CD Projekt Red – CyberPunk

I think it’s so weird they’re not showcasing the One X for their demo play throughs!
I hope with all these new studios we can get some POC & WOC characters.

A Way Out….of your friendship?

A Way Out….of your friendship?

When’s the last time you tested the foundation of your friendship with a friend? If it’s been a while and someone’s looking a little shifty, you might want to play A Way Out with them.

As someone who loved co-op games growing up, A Way Out was a welcome modern touch on a nostalgic feature.  There is no single player mode to this game, you and your partner in crime are Vincent Moretti and Leo Coruso; American prisoners convicted in the 1970s that have to work together to escape from prison and stay on the run from authorities whilst simultaneously attempting revenge on a mutual enemy.

The game is directed by film maker Josef Fares, who has turned his hand to game design, his first title being Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which received critical acclaim.  Knowing this, it’s no wonder the story is so well crafted. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say the prison break happens fairly quickly, which was great because the story continues and we were seriously worried we would end up in another The Order: 1886 situation, feeling unfulfilled by the game.  The story and characters unfold throughout the duration of the game, via cut scenes and gameplay, keeping us heavily engaged and turning what could have been a very gimmicky experience into well made movie that you can play.

Image source:

Playing as Leo and Vincent means that you and your “friend” will approach situations differently.  Leo is a hot head, punch-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy; whilst Vincent is more calculated but less intuitive. We immediately adopted their characters, talking about:

“That’s why you got mollywhopped by the guard last time ’cause you too damn violent!”


“I said drive slow! DRIVE SLOW! I thought you were the discrete one?!”

The gameplay is definitely entertaining, the developers (Hazelight Studios) set out to create a co-op game that is “unique and different” and it’s safe to say they surpassed that goal.  The cooperative element is a well placed thread throughout the game; when moving heavy objects, distracting guards, infiltrating villas in Central America, car chases and when making major decisions that impact the story. Hazelight Studios achieved a good balance to ensure co-op was established as the nature of the game and not just a novelty to make the game “different”.

Image source:

The game manages to stay true to its style, with exciting interweaving chase scenes in various locations as well as incorporating a few unexpected changes such as a 2D platformer fight scene just to mix it up a little bit.  In addition to that, there are mini games and activities throughout the game to offer a change of pace and tone, you know, to add some levity to the fact that your friendship is being tested.

Taking some time out from being an escaped convict. Image source:

The representation of Black people/POC in the game? I mean, it’s okay…the first POC in game are two non-white Middle Eastern and/or Arab men who get shot. There’s Black man with a speaking role who is a 2nd-in-command lackey that either disappears or dies; I can’t remember.  You do have a Black Woman (YAY!), the sassy (…damn) cautious arms dealer; a friend of Leo Coruso.   Then when you travel to Mexico, again the Mexican mobs pose as disposable lackies.  So it’s not devoid of representation but in my opinion, the POC are essentially extras in the movie.

See? Sassy. I told you. Image source:

*cue W’Kabi voice* “It’s just more of the same”

However if I’m honest, it doesn’t bother me or take away from the game too much in this instance. It’s just another game to add to the everlasting list of games with middle aged White men as the protagonists; another day in the gaming world. There is also a line from Leo about Africa being undesirable to travel to and that it has “lions and sh*t”, which I side-eyed but really it reflects Leo’s character and how much of a non-entity would be to me in real life.

I will say the game is not very challenging; you get involved in more high-octane action towards the end of the game but even then it’s not very complex.  I do think a little more challenging content would have kicked the game up a notch, however the story, the interweaving and entertaining gameplay, and easter eggs had us engaged, bickering and cooperating at the edge of our seats more than once.

Image source:

Hazelight has reminded me to not sleep on co-op games, and I look forward to seeing more games from the studio. All in all I would definitely recommend you to grab your PC/Xbox/PS4 and a friend to play A Way Out.  Another great thing is you only require one copy of the game; another thing to fight with your friend over… Good luck!