This Week in Gaming| Fortnite Breast: Lazy Devs or Difficult Mechanics?

This Week in Gaming| Fortnite Breast: Lazy Devs or Difficult Mechanics?

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The Low Road PC Review

The Low Road PC Review


Kovacs graduated from the academy but, is she really ready to be a spy in the field? Right at the beginning of The Low Road, it tests her knowledge on how to talk to suspects to get them to reveal information. Kovacs, you, quickly learn that you have to be any and everyone. This point and click puzzle platformer by XGenStudios is a simple adventure game. There are two agencies and one secret society. As a secret agent, you need to figure out what’s the next move and look for clues that will make infiltrating this secret society easier. It is a lot of double-crossing, snarky attitudes and pickpocketing going on in The Low Road. As Kovacs, you’re trying to work in the field and either agency will do. In order to prove yourself as a worthy spy, no matter which agency you do it for you has to take on the Docillio. Looking for a chance to prove yourself you do what you know best which is to lie & deceive. These are great characteristics to have as a secret agent.



During each mission, there are puzzles which need solving. Like connecting the tubes in the air conditioner system to temporarily break the AC in order to continue on with the story. Important high tech tools like invisible ink, a copier, a telephone, and a recording system are vital to completing missions. This platformer is a point and click. Whether Kovacs needs to walk upstairs, get across to the other side of the screen, talk to someone or acquire new materials, all of this is done by pointing and clicking. To acquire new materials you click and drag them into the filing folder. This part may get interesting on the Nintendo Switch because you will be using a Joycon or maybe the touchscreen feature. The game mechanics aren’t difficult for The Low Road; it’s the ability to utilize your surrounding to complete missions. Some things are very specific like pickpocketing and using keys. Pickpocketing requires you to take out items and replace them with something of the same weight. Then there is matching up keys in a specific order. Some of these puzzles make you really think but, the positive aspect is there is no timer. Starting the first mission, which is a phone call to an accomplice of the Docillio, you have a dossier with information. It’s up to Kovacs to figure out which information to use and what the right answers are without a time limit. The person on the phone is none the wiser if takes five seconds to figure out the answer or five minutes.


The music matched the theme which is a 70s style private investigator vibe. Each soundtrack matches each scene. Since this game is split up into chapters, each chapter introduction has a song. The songs are really calm and subtle background music. It doesn’t add to the suspense. The only thing which creates a sense of urgency is the voice tones of the characters. Every character needs to be spoken with; the dialogue is one thing this game isn’t lacking. It is very important because there are clues hidden within each character. The sound effects that are being used don’t overshadow the ambiance, they add to it. There aren’t any sounds that feel out of place. If the puzzle consists of metal you hear the sounds of metal, even while using the tape recorder you hear exactly what a tape recorder sounds like.


This game feels like a textured painting, a bit abstract because of how the shades and tones in the faces. Movement is very fluid, not choppy. With the point and click feature, the characters move seamlessly across the screen. The colors aren’t too vibrant. Nothing stands out, especially the clues or items needed until it is clicked upon. Everything looks like it is a part background. This makes it a bit harder to spot what is needed for upcoming missions but, this isn’t a bad thing. It feeds into the theme which is, how well you can spot clues.

Replay Value:

The Low Road has a high replay value because there is a chance Kovacs will fail the mission therefore starting again from the last checkpoint. If a vital mission is failed there will be a detailed outcome and a synopsis of what happens to each character in the story. There could be many ways to get the same outcome however, there are certain events that need to be followed for the vital missions. And some missions are going to be an automatic fail no matter how many times they are replayed. That may just be the cost of getting used to being a spy.


What stood out to me was the 70s spy theme. As someone who was interested in watching The BlacKKKlansman, this feel into my lap at a great time. I was on a role for 70s Blaxplotation films.

At first, it was a bit difficult to get into because it looks simple but, I really have to get into and look at the details of each scene. Plus, I came from playing games where speaking to everyone on screen wasn’t necessary to play this game where you couldn’t get anywhere without speaking to everyone. Playing this game on PC I mostly use the keyboard and mouse. There isn’t an option to use an Xbox controller. So, I’m not sure how the mechanics will work for the Nintendo Switch. I’m not sure if XGenStudios will add a mechanic so it will be easier to use the Joycon because I’m not sure how an Xbox controller or any controller would work with a point and click game. For example, would my joystick be an arrow and then I press the ‘A’ button to click, that seems tedious. This game doesn’t need a lot of sound effects. You have enough to worry about solving the puzzles and quickly reading through dossier to also feel pressure from the soundtrack. There is a lot of dialogue and so much of it is important. At some point I was failing missions and redoing cutscenes; I skipped those. I replayed certain scenes to see if I could get a better outcome and there may be an algorithm tied to each answer which could cause success or immediate failure, that’s where the thrill comes from.

I liked playing this game. It was frustrating once I learned that I need to talk to everyone and play along with their word games and use their lingo. There was more dialogue than I cared to go through because I kept failing missions multiple times. I had to go through the same experience and the same conversation multiple times. And certain conversations couldn’t be avoided the second or third time around because there needed to be a change in the answers I gave. I would like to play this on the Switch to check out the mechanics but for now, I think I’ve had my fill of this game on PC. Feel free to check out my livestream of the few chapters.

The Low Road releases on the Nintendo Switch Aug 23, 2018. This game released on Steam July 26, 2017.

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Madden Tournament

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Madden Tournament


Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida Turns Deadly

Sunday Afternoon a gunman opened fire in at a Madden Tournament. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed there are multiple fatalities including one of the potential gunmen. There are 4 officially dead. The shooting happened at Jacksonville Landing complex an shopping and dining facility downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

There isn’t any official news of there being more than one gunman. There are warnings via the Jax Sheriff’s Office Twitter page warning people to stay away from the area along with the hashtag #TheLandingMassShooting. The Twitter page confirms there are multiple people hiding in the landing. A SWAT team is sweeping the Landing.

The tournament was being streamed via Twitch, during the stream you can hear gunshots being fired in the back. The clip cannot any longer be viewed.

But still can be found on YouTube.

Drini Gjoka, a Madden competitive player, was at the tournament when everything popped off. He tweeted from safety, ‘The tourney just got shot up. I’m leaving and never coming back.’

Gjoka confirmed via his Twitter he did experience a non-fatal wound, a bullet hit his thumb.

A witness said venue security was nowhere to be found during the event and it was through word of mouth people were passing on the word that a shooting had happened and they should get it.

There are possibly 5 dead and 10 wounded. There is a clip circulating with what seems to be a red laser going across one of the victim’s chest. We will not be posting that clip in this story. He is presumed dead.

Updates 4:32 pm EST

The GFLA Game Bar was hosting a Madden 19 tournament when the tragedy took place. The suspect, pronounced deceased, is a white male. At this point, we’re not sure if the shooter is a local or from out of town. There is speculation that he’s from Baltimore. The is a press conference which answered brief questions one confirming that The Landing is cleared.
Witnessed are saying they saw a man shooting at a park, then at the Library and finally The Landing.

Updated 4:05pm EST
It is confirmed the shooter took his own life. 6 victims total at the University of Florida Health Hospital only one needs to stay overnight. One of them being OLarry2k. We’re waiting to hear more on his condition. Twitter has confirmed he got the worst of it. Tony Montagnino, Twitter handle MaddenVtech, who was with him was shot twice but he is not in critical condition. We have yet to hear from Shift GodCole.

We’ve learned two of the victims’ identities SpotMe & TrueBoy are deceased.

Updated 9 pm EST:

The shooter has been identified as Baltimore resident David Katz. He won the Madden tournament in 2017

There were many people who beat him. Witnesses saying he was acting strange and wearing the same clothes all weekend. And after playing matches certain contestants tried to shake his hand and Katz wasn’t having that. It is said he left the venue then came pack with his semi-automatic handgun.

D. Va Re-Engaging + New Patch Notes

D. Va Re-Engaging + New Patch Notes

Overwatch released a new short today, Shooting Star, featuring D.Va. It’s a quick short about her saving the town, Busan, by defeating the Kishin. This clip shows all of her latest moves; fusion cannons, defense matrix, boosters, micro missiles, light gun, and even self-destruct. Let’s take a quick second to recap on some of her hold moves, remember when self-destruct used to kill D.Va?!?! Thank you for buffs. It would be kind of cool if she could fly for longer but, then she may be busted; so I’m happy with the way she is right now.

Overwatch really want to show the authenticity in this map to the point where they traveled to Busan, South Korea and captured actual sound from the city to insert in the game. This is a quick peek at the new map, Busan. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director, announced today via a video at Gamescom.

There are three areas for heroes and villains to duke it out in Busan. One, the Sanctuary is in a temple packed in with traditional Korean elements.

(Photos from

Second, downtown with shows and karaoke bars plus a deadly train that passes over the control point – that’s going to require some quick reflexes and multitasking.

Third, Meka Base with moving walls along the control point to create cover and be a hindrance.

Along with this map the patch includes:

Hero Gallery – Filter

View character cosmetics whether they are unlocked, seasonal events or OW League with the new filter.

Hero Updates:
– Biotic Rifle: Increase precision of Relative Aim Sensitivity while Zoomed by selecting Options>Controls>hero>Ana

– Shield Bash: Knocks down & gets knocked down by other charging targets like Reinhardt or Doomfist

– Earthshatter: Consistently hits enemies near walls
No longer hits enemies that enter the damage cone after the wave has passed that area
No longer damages enemies behind barriers even if the barrier is later dropped or destroyed
Will always travel up inclines and around the payload

Developer Comments: We’ve given Earthshatter a complete overhaul to combat inconsistencies with its performance. These changes will make Earthshatter’s behavior more predictable and effective.

– Widow’s Kiss: Increase precision of Relative Aim Sensitivity while Zoomed by selecting

Game Browser & Custom Games

FFA Deathmatch:
Mercy begins a match with her Caduceus Blaster equipped
Blizzard World is now available in Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch

1v1 Mystery Heroes:
Mercy begins the match with her Caduceus Blaster equipped

Bugs Fixed:

The bug which prevented Torbjön Armor Packs Created statistic from updating if the ability landed directly on a friendly target

Communication Wheel
PC- the bug which caused a delay in selecting options on the wheel while cycling left


The bug which caused Brigitte’s Shield Bash movement to be interrupted when she impacted Symmetra’s turrets

The bug which allows D.Va to escape the map if she used call Mech while standing on Mei’s Ice Wall

The but which caused Dragonstrike Arrow size to be larger than his other arrows

The bug which causes Mei’s Cryo-freeze to block the line of sight for Mei’s Blizzard

The bug which allows Mercy to gain ultimate charge from using her damage beam on attacks that can’t be damage boosted

The bug which prevents Reaper’s Shadow Step from going on cooldown when interrupted

The bug which prevents Roadhog’s alternate fire now calculates falloff damage correctly

The bug which sometimes prevented Reinhardt’s Earthshatter from landing if he is launched into the air during its cast

The bug which prevents Sombra from destroying her Translocator if she is stunned or hacked

The bug which prevents Sombra’s Hack from canceling Symmetra’s Photon Barrier placement
The bug which causes Symmetra’s teleport UI to persist after elimination

The bug which causes Widowmaker’s scoped shots on hero placed objects to count against her Scoped Weapon Accuracy statistic

Wrecking Ball
The bug which allows Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver to deal damage twice if he slid off the environment during its duration
The bug which allows Wrecking Ball’s primary fire to continue working if it is disabled in a custom game

The fans at Overwatch Festival have a chance to view the map today, the rest of us will enjoy it in just a few months.

POC Suffer When Communities are Diminished

POC Suffer When Communities are Diminished

This isn’t just about Twitch getting rid of their communities, this is also about feeling left out, once again, by this platform.

Communities on Twitch started off for Small Streamers to have a better rate of viewing. Or so like-minded people can share things with each other.

“Communities are a new discovery tool to help streamers connect to the most relevant audiences and help viewers discover streams that fit their interests easier and faster than ever.” -Twitch

I’d like to see the stats on which ethnicities use Twitch the most. Do People of Color or non POC use Twitch more? We know who is represented but, who uses the platform the most? I’m going to go with POC. In studies it shows, POC buy the most games & game consoles.

Once again POC are being screwed out of finding each other on this niche platform. We’d like to continue to grow communities like BGG, Thumbstick Mafia and The CookOut. POCs on Twitch are taking advantage of Communities because this can dwindle down on harassment.

Being in Black Girl Gamers you hear stuff like, “I want to stream or play online but (insert horrific online story here).” Bringing Black women together is a main part of BGG. Allowing them to feel safe during their hobby is another part. We want to continue to reach out to people any way we can; with Communities our reach became a bit further. Twitch says that Community usage is down 3%. A theory behind that is, we’re only allowed three communities. I picked the three communities which best suit me, BGG, Thumbstick Mafia & The Cookout. I choose these communities because people looking into these communities is the demographic I would like to reach. Once you find the community which suits you, why would you keep looking? I didn’t choose, Street Fighter, Tekken or Esports. I didn’t search for those first. Twitch is about you and not the game that you play – build it and they will come. It doesn’t matter what I play but, my audience does matter.

After creating the BGG Community, we started to grow even more. There are people who don’t have Facebook so they couldn’t know about BGG Facebook group. Being on Twitch and being able to search; girl gamer, black girl, black content creator, black streams, women of color or any of those keywords made POC feel more welcoming on Twitch. For those people just joining the streaming culture and have no idea where to find support besides searching via Twitch’s search bar, how will our communities reach them? I understand the insertion of tags but, if Twitch is so great at identifying and unifying groups, we wouldn’t have had to make a video showing off the literal dark side of Twitch with streamers of color both men and women.

We can submit tags but which tags will get approved? Who at Twitch has the authority to say, ‘yes, this group is important so they will get a tag?’ And anyone can use the tags. These tags remind me of hashtags on Instagram. I can type in #NiggasBeLike on IG right now and find hundreds or thousands of people who shouldn’t be using that hashtag. It may be the same thing with tags. Anyone can tag themselves to get the views of that group. With all the people who make fun of Black people on Twitch, what’s going to stop them tagging themselves as #Black or something that identifies with our community? Will the Twitch staff be willing to regulate who gets to use which tag? What is stopping from these people using the tags to bait people of the community then berate them when we get there.

ALL MY TWITCH LIFE I HAD TO FIGHT! With tags, that fight may get more intense.
I get that Twitch is a primarily a gaming platform so making ways to filter our FPS from FGC is a good idea but, what about the people? We POC need to feel included and our voice heard. Trust me, if we keep feeling like we need to sit at the back of the bus we will create our own.


Nintendo Directly Killed Luigi in Aug 2018

Nintendo Directly Killed Luigi in Aug 2018

Luigi dead and this the last Smash game ever, thanks for reading my article!

No seriously, they didn’t give Luigi back his soul and this Super Smash Bros Ultimate reveals new characters.

Simon/ Richter – which are similar in fight styles but different animations.
Alucard – Dracula’s son is an Assist Trophy
Chrom – Echo fighter for
Dark Samus – Echo fighter for Sammus
Rathalos – The first character to appear as Assist Trophy & boss
King K. Roo

Dracula’s Castle with monsters from the Castlevania series. Hitting candlesticks gives you items
Great Bay
Shadow Moses
Living Room
Gaur Plain
Figure-8 Circuit
Flat Zone X
Pokemon Stadium
Garden of Hope
Brinstar Depths
Unova Pokemon League
Final Destination
New Donk City Hall – we did it y’all; we have a black character in Smash – he’s just playing instruments.

With these new stages added there over 103 however, since you can choose battlefield or omega form for each stage this leaves over 300 stages to play on. And now you can transition in between stages during matches. With the old school stages, they kept the nostalgia but upgraded the experience, choose up two stages. There are over 900 songs, all the songs are derived from each title that is included in Smash.

The number of stages in Ultimate vs previous Smash games

The most impressive thing I’ve seen from Ultimate is its training stage. It shows you the range of attacks and how far characters fly from damage. This will be a game changer. Adding this stage shows me they are working to make this game more competitive. Sudden death is even a bit different, the camera zooms in and you start at 300% to create a sense of urgency. There is a tournament mode, choose the number of players and a bracket will be created. Tournament mode allows up to 32 players.
Squad Strike, 3v3 or 5v5. You can play with three players or play on a three-person team.
Smashdown, the previously selected fighters won’t be available after that round. So the more rounds you play, the smaller the selection of fighters get. The single-player mode is now called classic mode.

Opinion Piece
I think they’re going to put Goku is Smash and then you’ll know that it’s the last smash.

Masahiro Sakurai, director of Smash Ultimate, is sick of y’all!! Smash community, he’s done with you; he has to be! He said here is everyone, here is all the songs and stages you could ever want, please don’t @ me! What

A Little Bit of a Read
I really want is his take on the Smash community showing their behind at EVO. During the grand finals, players were throwing games and the audience were throwing things at the players because they didn’t like the characters they were playing with. This is unacceptable. Bear, who was present during this mini tantrum during the Super Smash Bros. Wii U Grand Finals reset said,

It was the first game of the GF reset. The players began by holding B, at 30 seconds in I pulled up the rules due to the fact that they were stalling. As soon as it passed 1.5 minutes I issued a yellow card for stalling and told them they got to play it out.

If I was Mr. Wizard himself, ain’t no Smash tourneys – that’s it. You don’t get to show your whole behind and still get an invitation!