Square Enix E3 2018

Square Enix E3 2018

Square Enix

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is back! Lara Croft is trying to stop a Mayan Apocalypse. She’s still going to be outnumbered and out gunned by Trinity but that stealth though will always be what counts in the end! I’m definitely excited to see how many ways she can die in this one. Enix mentioned underwater mechanics being different. I wonder if I’ll find a breathing mask earlier on and be able to withstand long underwater or if I’ll get more natural breathe time.

Just Cause 4

It’s cool to see Rico Rodriguez but there’s, a female antagonist who is POC. She’s the oppressor and I’m here for that.
Just Cause is getting a bit deeper in this one. I’m here for that. You can get creative in a sandbox game. Deploy booster rockets, enemies have better AI so combat is a bit more intense. Everything is powered by an Apex engine and the soundtrack doesn’t sound to bad either

The Quiet Man

This is going to be super cool if it’s a game about a person who is hearing impaired. We’ll get more information in August.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Alrighty, we get more info about KH3. It’s not just about Elsa having a Caitlin Snow vs Killer Frost internal struggle. We see them trying to extract Roxas from Sora. We see him getting help from Rapunzel (maybe she replaced Donald Duck), he looks like he’s rescuing the hero, Hercules. I hope they let the muses in on a track for this game. Honestly, I saw Wreck it Ralph and I was sold.

Monster Fantasy, Tho!!!

That mashup between Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy has to be dope. The combat is going to be interesting. I’m looking forward to more information.

Square Enix E3 Trailers

Microsoft E3 Briefing

Microsoft E3 Briefing

Microsoft’s E3 press conference is today and they’re trying to unlock the most achievements! In the beginning Xbox head honcho, Phil Spencer promised us 50 games, 18 exclusives and 15 world premieres. We’re going to explore a few of these titles.

Let’s start with a moment of silence for the person who got fired from Walmart for leaking all those games! We thought it could’ve been a farce but it’s all been true so far.

Photo Source: News4C


Halo Infinite popped up with a trailer. It’s been a few years for since Halo 5’s release. Fans could see the gameplay, lore were good but, is Cortana coming back?

Next up is Ori & the Will of the Wisp, this game isn’t unheard of; we knew it was coming. It is a Microsoft Studios exclusive. We can put this in the exclusive pile.

Now we’re getting into the world pemired games starting with Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice. The trailer didn’t give us too much information about gameplay. However, we do know the game timeframe is 1500s Sengoku Japan. This title could be an action/adventure/rpg. This game is made by FromSoftware which also produces DarkSouls. Maybe it’ll be a similar game or they could be branching off into new terriroties. I do know that the Sumo kinned wrestler looks like a version of Borracho from Mortal Kombat. During the trailer he spit up or threw up green stuff over his sword. That alone had me interested and grossed out.

A few good things happening with Xbox GamePass. The latest released version of Fallout with becoming to the subscription. Todd Howard was super happy to announce that as well as Fallout 76 coming to Xbox.

Mothman was debuted in the trailer. during the documentary about Bethesda Game Studios recently released on YouTube there was a dev wearing a mothian shirt. Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia. In WV folklore, Mothman is a thing. So it’s been confirmed Mothman is in Fallout 76 as well as there are actually some green fields that haven’t been completed desolated by the bomb.


I believe this was in response to the Battle Royale craze and the potential games that would be catering to this fan base. But this really resonated with me while watching the Life is Strange trailer
Life is Strange is coming out with more stories, the newest on ie Captain Spirit.

Personal statement: I’m not sure if his mom is one of the ladies from the past Life is Strange series but honestly, I don’t care. I never really cared for that series. When I saw this little boy, I knew he was going to be the next main character and I instantly thought, *sigh* “I cannot play any more games with only white people in ‘em.”

I know how it sounds but, imagine how I feel. I honestly can’t expect them to put Black women, men or POC in the Life is Strange series. I’m thinking this way because that series is the kind of “white people problems” we talk about. Many Black and POC people go through these struggles but we don’t see them in that role as much as we see white women.



Of course Crackdown premiered, again. It’s a new trailer this time. It says play with Gamepass at launch..but whens launch? Apparently it launches February 2019. I feel like the same people waiting on Crackdown 3 are waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Photo Credit: Me

We’re thinking it but he said it!


Kingdom Hearts
Oh, speaking of Kingdom Hearts it’s coming to Xbox on January 29 as well as other platforms. In KH3 Elsa is have a Killer Frost vs Caitlyn Snow internal struggle.


One game I wanted to get into but never got a chance, Nier Automata is coming to Xbox with all the DLC, arriving June 26, 2018



Metro Exodus’ trailer is definitely entertaining. When it first started I thought, ‘Who is this white M’baku screaming from the top of the junkyard about taking back the land.’


Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails is an Xbox exclusive but not super new. The Cursed Sails is coming in July and Forsaken Shores is coming in September.



Here’s a real world premiere! We had an inkling another Forza was coming and we got Forza Horizon 4! I thought one of the drivers a darker complexion but, i think not. I was excited for that. A few unexpected things from Horizon 4 is the open world setting, quick chat response and the literal seasonal changes. With each season there are new events, experiences and a new take on forza horizon world. It will be available Oct 2, 2018 on Gamepass.

Microsoft Merges with 5 Companies

The initiative is a new Microsoft studio lead by Darryl Gallagher, formal head of Crystal Dynamics.
Microsoft merges with Undead Labs, which made – Into the Worlds; Playground Games, which made Forza & is bringing their expertise of open world engines. Ninja Theory, which made Kung Fu Chaos and Hellblade and Compulsion Games, which made We Happy Few.

PUBG new trailer & modes



Tales of Vesperia made its world premiere with it’s Definitive Edition. The remastered version of this RPG is accompanied by robust combat system, banging soundtrack and is coming this winter.

Division 2

had its turn in the spotlight. We had a chance to see a glimpse of actual gameplay.

Then the Head of Xbox Engineer team came out and announced a few more games for GamePass. We already know about Fallout 4 but there is also, The Division, Elder Scrolls and all Xbox Enhanced games are available today.

There were so many Indie Games there we didn’t get to see but here’s a list:
After Party, Fringe Wars, Below, Waking, Rajh, Super Meatboy, Sable & Dead cells

Session, another Xbox exclusive. It looks like a skating game. Maybe we need something to fill the Tony Hawk Pro Skater void.

DMC World Premiere

Capcom and Hideki Kamiya did it again, DEVIL MAY CRY 5! I was excited to see a black man in the trailer, even though, ya know… protagonist, Nero, is white. Hideaki T said, I waited 4 years for this, DMC is back!
It’s been 10 years since last DMC.
Capcom scanned fully costume models w/ tech by Xbox to make characters super realistic. I think that’s interesting because the girl with Nero looks like Sasheer Zamata & Amy Winehouse mixed together. Kamiya said this is the best game he ever made.

Aww snaps! Cuphead has new playable characters such as Ms. Chalice. There’s also a new Chief but I’m not sure if he’s a boss or character coming in 2019.

Dying Light 2 – survive the night.and the day – modern dark ages
Techland – Chris Avallone
new tech advancement – your choice can affect everything in the game, how it looks, how it plays. A little bit more than a choose your own adventure as the eco system reacts to your choices. One example given is completing a mission for faction gives the city more access to water but then maybe it becomes a dictatorship from that same faction

You know that character they putin Killer Instinct, Rash,… they’re getting a new game. Battletoads is a 3 player couch co-op. I think its funny it’s 4k and the drawing is great but it’s like putting Minecraft in 4k, why?

A game for pops….not your dad but a Gears of War game with pop figures. Oh, good, it’s just announcing new Pop Figures. GOW has a mobile game, Gears Tactics. Gears 5 takes place 12 years before the first Gears.
Gears 5
Working on cross platform game streaming play from consoles, to PC to mobile

CD Projekt Red – CyberPunk

I think it’s so weird they’re not showcasing the One X for their demo play throughs!
I hope with all these new studios we can get some POC & WOC characters.

junaEsports | PUBG Shows Salt Levels

junaEsports | PUBG Shows Salt Levels

PUBG Emerges from their Salt pile to Sue Fortnite

Fornite is making more with microtransactions than PUBG is making in game sales. PUBG is suing Fornite allegedly for copyright infringement. Epic games is being accused of copying the game mechanics and items. Ironically enough concerning this accusation, Fornite is getting vehicles pretty soon. Both games released in early 2017 however, Fornite didn’t create a Battle Royale option until September 2017. Epic Games broke a world record of more than 3.4 million players online at the same time, the initial record was 3.3 million created by PUBG. PUBG applied for an injuction against Epic Games Korea in January.

“We filed the suit to protect our copyright,” the company told the Korea Times.
Source Both companies are under the Bluehole umbrella and the firm said it’s a shame that that Epic Games released a similar game. Epic Games had a hand in PUBG success, the Unreal gaming engine used within the game is made by Epic Games.

*Personal Statement: There have been so many games that have done Battle Royale mode. PUBG is lucky H1Z1 didn’t sue them. Also! Knowing that PUBG was inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale, did they get a check for the inspiration? What makes it weird is that Epic Games contributed to PUBG’s success. It’s like having a little brother you don’t want to surpass you. Instead of spending all that money in court use it to make PUBG great on Xbox and maybe sales will pick up again. Fornite is free and available on consoles. *


Combo Breaker

Man, what an exciting tournament filled weekend! Echo|SonicFox took it all against G01 but not before reminding him, ‘Don’t come for me.’ Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s number one champ is UYU\NL with RZR\Xian close on his heel at second. We all thought Xian was going all the way! He really earned his spot in top 8. The Street Fighter that was the event of the weekend is Street Fighter Turbo. We had a double proposal, at the same time. Competitive player, Tanya @killermiller, coming in 5th decided to propose to her boyfriend, @Eltrouble, Eugene Lin, who came in first. Eltrouble decided to propose to Tanya as well.

*The Combo Queens meetup at Combo Breaker introduced me to a slew of women in the Fighting Game Community. I’ll be posting a video from our meetup pretty soon!*


Overwatch Matchups

Tomorrow night, New York Excelsior goes head to head with Philly Fusion, Dynasty vs Dragons and LA Valiant vs LA Gladiators. Who are you rooting for, LA or LA?

This is Week 3 of Stage 4.