About The Black Girl Gamers


Black Girl Gamers is a online platform based community that aims to positively promote diversity and affect change within the gaming industry.  Initially created as a safe space in 2015, void of the sexism and racism (misogynoir) widely experienced in gaming, the platform has grown from its original purpose to become the hub for all things gaming from the black woman perspective. With a membership of 2400 multifaceted gamers, streamers and game developers that continues to grow, the BGG community has become a visible and impactful movement being featured in the press and on panels to provide insight into how Black Women experience gaming and how to progress forward.

Whether it’s providing rebuttal to those who see no offence in racist memes or giving advice on how to build a more inclusive community; BGG gives a voice to those who have been otherwise overlooked and have had to sometimes escape from the very activity they deem as escapism. Though the BGG community exists in a safe space, the movement is in no way exclusive.  Our community expands into public discords and streams to allow members and supporters to share and play together as one ‘BGG family’.

The BGG Experience

Other than our website and store, you can experience BGG in a variety of ways:


You can head to our Twitch channel for a variety of gameplay from our Official streamers as well as hosted streams of our members’ channels.  There’s something for everyone on our channel so give us a follow here.

Panels & Events

We have spoken on multiple panels to gamers and developers alike discussing diversity within the gaming industry, safe spaces, representation and more.  Check out the ‘Events’ page to see our next panel, or contact us if you’d like to have us hold a panel at your conference or expo.