The Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal gives us an amazing insight into the game and leaves us wanting more. So while we’re waiting for the character reveals to roll in let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far.

Game Mechanics

There are new things in Mortal Kombat 11 that weren’t in 9, for example, Fatal Blow. Fatal Blow is a move which becomes available after taking a certain amount of damage. At about less than 30% of life, you’ll be able to use your Fatal Blow. However, you can only use this move once per match. Once you’ve used it, it is gone. Also, Fatal Blow gives you armor and isn’t tied to your stamina in addition to dealing immense damage. The games played at the MK11 Reveal confirm that Fatal Blows can turn the tide of the match and give the user a win.

Crushing Blow

Next up are Crushing Blows. This can also be done once per match. However, each character has about five Crushing Blows. So you can do one type per game; thus giving you five crushing blows in one match; never duplicating a technique. Counter hits are in Crushing Blow attacks. This seems to be a part of the meta of the game, deciding when you’re going to do a crushing blow and taking advantage of the opportunity.

No Running!

Run is gone, now, it’s all about walking. Which also means canceling dash is gone. This is going to make it harder to get into a character’s face. Walking is still strong because you can walk in and out of range. The next thing is figuring out character ranges and hitboxes.


It’s going to be rarer to see deathly mixups. The overheads usually slap down, I believe it doesn’t pop you back up. The Wake Up is drastically different than any other MK game. Up 3 will do little damage, but it is invincible. Meanwhile Up 2 is an anti-air move, a jump attack, with no invincibility. It’s a higher risk with a greater reward. Wake up rolls, whether forward or backward, are fully invincible; short hops crush lows.


Interactables can be amplified to get armor but it takes 50% of offense and defense. Armor is seen less in this game and doesn’t activate for a few frames. Fatal Blows and a handful of moves give you armor.

Flawless Block

Flawless Block is new for the MK series. This happens when you block a move with perfect timing which is the last second. It helps quicken recovery and reduces chip damage. Dying from chip damage is still very possible, but it doesn’t hurt to have it lessen. If a reversal move is Flawlessly Blocked there’s an opportunity to use a wake-up attack that punishes.

More Tech

Combos in the game are shorter and do less damage. So shorter, but more strings. Holding block for the entire string and block all the moves. Flawless Blocking can still be achieved if the first move in the string is blocked and there’s a good gap in between moves and the timing is just right. Enhanced moves, Crushing & Fatal blows are used to get major damage. This game is about doing the greatest amount of damage.
“They’re definitely a lot more useful. It [x-ray moves] made me not want to use x rays in the last game because most of them were useless, but now that, that system [Fatal Blows] exists; it’s a big chunk of damage,” SonicFox talking about the difference between Fatal Blows and XRay moves.

It seems they’re making this more effective to perhaps make the game more entertaining to watch. In tournaments competitors are not using flashy moves, they’re using effective moves. Now that the flashy moves are effective I’m sure we’ll see more during MK 11 tourneys.


Right now there only seven characters available; Scorpion, of course, Sub-Zero, duh, evil Raiden, Sonya Blade, voiced by Ronda Rousey. And Return of the Chop, Baraka and Skarlet, the blood bender! Oh wait, and we got a new one, Geras the melinated, grappling elder god from the Hidden Village of the Sand.

Characters have many costumes and many variations. For example, you can make Sub-Zero a zoning machine or Skarlet an up close and personal in yo face type of chick.

Choppin’ it up about Baraka

Baraka builds more stamina with enhanced moves like the one where he takes a chunk out of his opponent’s knee. This works out because enhanced moves are tied to the stamina bar. So he’s using stamina to build stamina.

Cry Bloody Skarlet

Skarlet returns from MK9 DLC, first introduced in MK2. Her range is incredible. Blood bending is her main technique. She uses it summon weapons like hammers, a whip or a tongue and creates sickles during her fatality which pierce her opponent. Imagine, being killed with your own frozen blood, tragic. The Back 2 move is unsafe and doesn’t pop up the character. She also has a low that can pop you up, but not an overhead.

It’s Ya Boi, Geras

*Pokedex voice* Geras, an elder like god. He is from the Hidden Sand Village region. No, but, for real he is the grappler with an amazing command grab that goes more than halfway across the screen. He commands sand. He can make weapons, throw you through holes in the floor made of sand. But that’s not what makes him busted, er, lit. He can rewind, remove, or add time to the clock; about 30 seconds. You think you can make a comeback in the next 30 seconds, SIKE! You’re done! Man, you think you’re about to win by time’s up. HA! You tried it, 30 more seconds. He kind of seems like Atrocitus, just a bit.

Enter Stage Left, Savage Superman

Raiden is good at midrange. He’s not 21 Savage, but he is a trapper. Setups like using a rod in which to bounce lightening off can really have the opponent second guessing and scared to make a move. Superman has a few changes. Levitating and delaying within superman can cause a bit of confuse. This also costs some stamina.

Oldie But Goodie, Sonya

Sonya Blade is a returning favorite and has aged gracefully, but her tech is new. She has turrets, helicopters, bombs, and a few new moves. Her high knee is so fast. Sonya is now voiced by longtime MK fan, Ronda Rousey. Blade is high risk, high reward character. The way SonicFox was playing with her you can see her amazing potential.


A new character raced across the screen leaving a trail of blue lightning; who could it be? Noob? Kabal? I feel like they have more of a purple color trailing behind them. Perhaps Kitana? As long as it’s not that creepy new Sonic, I’m good! We’ll find out on the 30th!

It sounded like Ed Boone said you can make your own character. I’m not sure if that is referring to customizing the characters or if I could make myself. I would love to make myself, but if I can’t, I’d like to see Jacqui Briggs… with a new hairdo. Them braids were not doing it for me!

Story Mode

We get to see the prologue which takes place after MK9. The gist: Raiden attempts to give Shinnok his just desserts and could care less about the consequences about killing an elder god. That was short lived by a baldheaded beauty who tells Shinnok, ‘This is not for you, fam.’ Then stops the bleeding, from his chopped off head. Meanwhile, all I can think is, ‘I am NOT fighting Shinnok again!’ But who am I kidding, I’d tap them buttons again. And I’ll get the chance to on April 23.

I like that MK11 included people like 21 Savage and Ronda Rousey in the game. It’s really paying attention to the recent culture. I couldn’t tell over the commentary, but maybe there was a hip hop instrumental during gameplay. I can’t wait to see the other collaborations.

There is a collector’s edition available now for pre-order.
Collectors edition comes with a
Scorpion mask
Steel Case
Premium Edition of the game
Shao Kahn
The pre-order comes with access to the beta on March 28.

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