Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida Turns Deadly

Sunday Afternoon a gunman opened fire in at a Madden Tournament. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed there are multiple fatalities including one of the potential gunmen. There are 4 officially dead. The shooting happened at Jacksonville Landing complex an shopping and dining facility downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

There isn’t any official news of there being more than one gunman. There are warnings via the Jax Sheriff’s Office Twitter page warning people to stay away from the area along with the hashtag #TheLandingMassShooting. The Twitter page confirms there are multiple people hiding in the landing. A SWAT team is sweeping the Landing.

The tournament was being streamed via Twitch, during the stream you can hear gunshots being fired in the back. The clip cannot any longer be viewed.

But still can be found on YouTube.

Drini Gjoka, a Madden competitive player, was at the tournament when everything popped off. He tweeted from safety, ‘The tourney just got shot up. I’m leaving and never coming back.’

Gjoka confirmed via his Twitter he did experience a non-fatal wound, a bullet hit his thumb.

A witness said venue security was nowhere to be found during the event and it was through word of mouth people were passing on the word that a shooting had happened and they should get it.

There are possibly 5 dead and 10 wounded. There is a clip circulating with what seems to be a red laser going across one of the victim’s chest. We will not be posting that clip in this story. He is presumed dead.

Updates 4:32 pm EST

The GFLA Game Bar was hosting a Madden 19 tournament when the tragedy took place. The suspect, pronounced deceased, is a white male. At this point, we’re not sure if the shooter is a local or from out of town. There is speculation that he’s from Baltimore. The is a press conference which answered brief questions one confirming that The Landing is cleared.
Witnessed are saying they saw a man shooting at a park, then at the Library and finally The Landing.

Updated 4:05pm EST
It is confirmed the shooter took his own life. 6 victims total at the University of Florida Health Hospital only one needs to stay overnight. One of them being OLarry2k. We’re waiting to hear more on his condition. Twitter has confirmed he got the worst of it. Tony Montagnino, Twitter handle MaddenVtech, who was with him was shot twice but he is not in critical condition. We have yet to hear from Shift GodCole.

We’ve learned two of the victims’ identities SpotMe & TrueBoy are deceased.

Updated 9 pm EST:

The shooter has been identified as Baltimore resident David Katz. He won the Madden tournament in 2017


There were many people who beat him. Witnesses saying he was acting strange and wearing the same clothes all weekend. And after playing matches certain contestants tried to shake his hand and Katz wasn’t having that. It is said he left the venue then came pack with his semi-automatic handgun.