Overwatch released a new short today, Shooting Star, featuring D.Va. It’s a quick short about her saving the town, Busan, by defeating the Kishin. This clip shows all of her latest moves; fusion cannons, defense matrix, boosters, micro missiles, light gun, and even self-destruct. Let’s take a quick second to recap on some of her hold moves, remember when self-destruct used to kill D.Va?!?! Thank you for buffs. It would be kind of cool if she could fly for longer but, then she may be busted; so I’m happy with the way she is right now.

Overwatch really want to show the authenticity in this map to the point where they traveled to Busan, South Korea and captured actual sound from the city to insert in the game. This is a quick peek at the new map, Busan. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director, announced today via a video at Gamescom.

There are three areas for heroes and villains to duke it out in Busan. One, the Sanctuary is in a temple packed in with traditional Korean elements.

(Photos from Blizzard.gamepress.com)

Second, downtown with shows and karaoke bars plus a deadly train that passes over the control point – that’s going to require some quick reflexes and multitasking.

Third, Meka Base with moving walls along the control point to create cover and be a hindrance.

Along with this map the patch includes:

Hero Gallery – Filter

View character cosmetics whether they are unlocked, seasonal events or OW League with the new filter.

Hero Updates:
– Biotic Rifle: Increase precision of Relative Aim Sensitivity while Zoomed by selecting Options>Controls>hero>Ana

– Shield Bash: Knocks down & gets knocked down by other charging targets like Reinhardt or Doomfist

– Earthshatter: Consistently hits enemies near walls
No longer hits enemies that enter the damage cone after the wave has passed that area
No longer damages enemies behind barriers even if the barrier is later dropped or destroyed
Will always travel up inclines and around the payload

Developer Comments: We’ve given Earthshatter a complete overhaul to combat inconsistencies with its performance. These changes will make Earthshatter’s behavior more predictable and effective.

– Widow’s Kiss: Increase precision of Relative Aim Sensitivity while Zoomed by selecting

Game Browser & Custom Games

FFA Deathmatch:
Mercy begins a match with her Caduceus Blaster equipped
Blizzard World is now available in Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch

1v1 Mystery Heroes:
Mercy begins the match with her Caduceus Blaster equipped

Bugs Fixed:

The bug which prevented Torbjön Armor Packs Created statistic from updating if the ability landed directly on a friendly target

Communication Wheel
PC- the bug which caused a delay in selecting options on the wheel while cycling left


The bug which caused Brigitte’s Shield Bash movement to be interrupted when she impacted Symmetra’s turrets

The bug which allows D.Va to escape the map if she used call Mech while standing on Mei’s Ice Wall

The but which caused Dragonstrike Arrow size to be larger than his other arrows

The bug which causes Mei’s Cryo-freeze to block the line of sight for Mei’s Blizzard

The bug which allows Mercy to gain ultimate charge from using her damage beam on attacks that can’t be damage boosted

The bug which prevents Reaper’s Shadow Step from going on cooldown when interrupted

The bug which prevents Roadhog’s alternate fire now calculates falloff damage correctly

The bug which sometimes prevented Reinhardt’s Earthshatter from landing if he is launched into the air during its cast

The bug which prevents Sombra from destroying her Translocator if she is stunned or hacked

The bug which prevents Sombra’s Hack from canceling Symmetra’s Photon Barrier placement
The bug which causes Symmetra’s teleport UI to persist after elimination

The bug which causes Widowmaker’s scoped shots on hero placed objects to count against her Scoped Weapon Accuracy statistic

Wrecking Ball
The bug which allows Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver to deal damage twice if he slid off the environment during its duration
The bug which allows Wrecking Ball’s primary fire to continue working if it is disabled in a custom game

The fans at Overwatch Festival have a chance to view the map today, the rest of us will enjoy it in just a few months.