It’s been one year and two months since the Switch’s release and I can say, I still don’t regret my purchase of the Wii U. I’ve been working since 2006; using my money to buy my consoles. Meaning, no more waiting until systems are dirt cheap to purchase them for birthdays or Christmas. Then risk receiving them second hand and slightly broken.

Nintendo DS Lite, The first console I purchased, broke and snapped right in half. That’s okay, my PS2 took all my attention anyway. Eventually, I got a Wii, and a GameCube, and an Xbox but, these are old systems. My next newest system happened to be the 3DS; day one buy. Yes, I dropped $250 on a handheld that barely had any launch titles and three months later dropped in price. Sound familiar? That was okay too because again, my PS2 was my go to console.

By the time I acquired my brother’s Xbox 360, the Wii U surfaced. And I decided, these systems aren’t enough. I need that Wii U.

The Wii U transitioned into the Switch
The Switch is what the Wii U aimed to be; I loved the dual screen. Being able to play off the TV was great because I shared a room. The first titles are amazing. My favorite is Bayonetta. A game that I wasn’t going to pick up until I saw a post ranting about it being a Nintendo exclusive. The console itself failed, in marketing, in execution. What’s the point of having all these great games if no one has the console to play them?

That’s where the Nintendo Switch comes in, despite its subpar launch, buying it day one was a no-brainer for me. I’m a huge Nintendo fan and a brand spanking new Zelda was all I needed to hear. Yes, Breath of the Wild was on the Wii U but, why wait when you can have it on the go? This is a plus for me because I moved far away from my job with no car. You can imagine how the Switch is the perfection solution to combat my three hour trip on public transportation.

Now a year later, it boasts an impressive library. Games making it a worthy buy, including a lot of those amazing games that were once on the Wii U.

Some of the complaints circulating were because of the lack of storage space. To rectify this situation, I recently picked up a 200GB micro SD card for my console. I highly doubt I’m going to use it, and since Nintendo isn’t the only console that needs memory card updates I feel like this complaint was just lobbed at Nintendo because they’re Nintendo. I mostly buy physical copies of games, but the game which takes yo the most space is Bayonetta 2. The port only gave out the first game in digital. The digital version of Sonic Mania barely made a dent, my Breath of the Wild save file took more space than most of my digital purchases combined. For reference, I was only able to download 5 games on my PS3 before needing some more space. For both my Wii U and Switch, I had at least 10 games before I needed more space.

The next complaint is for the price of the accessories. $80 for a pair of new joy cons, which is technically two controllers and $70 for a pro controller. That’s only $10 more than its competitors, but the Switch controller has better battery life and more features. I swear my PS4 controller dies after at most four hours, that’s annoying for when I’m having long game sessions. Now it’s about $30 for the Joy Con charging grip, and I’ll agree that the console should have come with one instead of the plain grip, but I digress, Nintendo not the only company to nickel and dime accessories. And you don’t need the charging grip as the battery on the joy cons last long.

Speaking of Joy cons, I never got new ones, I love playing with them off the console, but the syncing is terrible, I’ve found myself having to resync my controllers a lot recently and for a while, my joy con didn’t sync and I couldn’t play with it off the dock. That’s a problem. Hopefully, the newer joy cons don’t suffer the same fate, but there’s always the Pro controller.

I recently picked up a pro controller. I had a wired Legend of Zelda one, but it was no longer syncing, frustrated I went to GameStop and finally picked up the wireless controller. IT IS SO COMFORTABLE. I never really thought about how controllers fit in your hand but comparing the feel of the Switch wireless to my Wii U wireless and my dual shock controller. It’s just perfect. It’s smooth and soft and it almost makes me want to play Dragonball Xenoverse 2 with it, almost. Sorry folks, I love me some motion controls.

The last complaint and one that I tend to agree with is, it’s lack of apps. There’s still no internet browser. I don’t actually always have my phone near me, plus with its crappy battery life, I often have to save its juice for later. I don’t have a laptop or a tablet and when I’m on the Switch, my significant other is usually on my PC. I shouldn’t have to go to other devices if I need to quickly check something on a website for a game I’m playing. I never realized how much I do that until I couldn’t do it on the Switch. It’s just inconvenient and yes, the Switch is a “gaming console” but why not have it? Why settle for less. They put Hulu on there, it’s clearly capable.

Can we get rid of friend codes?

I’m not actually upset that the virtual console isn’t there yet, I’d rather they fix the way the store looks first because the Eshop is a mess, I liked how the U and the 3DS have in, where games are separated by genre and not just new releases and best sellers. I don’t care what other people buy, I just want to easily get to the action/adventure section without needing a keyword first.

I cannot comment on the online services, the times I jumped online for Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon have been fine. The service is only $20 a year, that’s cool, but that phone app is garbage. Just put it on the Switch and give us wireless headset capabilities since the controllers have no headphone jacks.

Maybe I’m biased being a lifelong Nintendo fan, but if you haven’t picked up the console yet, I highly suggest it. It has great first party titles, it has amazing indie support, and sometimes the third-party games are good, Skyrim and Doom did rather well for being old ports. And you play them all on the GO, best adult console ever. Seriously have you seen the trailers? Mostly adults in them. That’s what we care about right?

Now for the obligatory games, you must own on the Switch list.

-Bayonetta 1& 2

-Breath of the Wild

-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze



-Fire Emblem Warriors

-Hyrule Warrior

-I am Setsuna

-Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

-Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

-Outlast Bundle of Terror & 2

-Pokken Tournament

-Rocket League (cross-platform play)


-Super Mario Odyssey


There, now with that list, plus the plethora of other indie titles and way more first party games to come does that make the $300 still inconceivable? I think not. Go get yourself a Switch, you won’t regret it.