Capcom is committed to strengthening its endeavors in Japan and all over the world, said Kenzo Tsujimoto, chairman and chief executive of Capcom.

Street Fighter V is played in over 100 companies.”
Recognizing SFV popularity will help in running events Tsujimoto is using that to maximize global brand. he wants SFV to branch out even further. Remember that Street Fighter movie from the 90s, it’s still producing revenue and helping with sales and to put money into SFV marketing and the esports department.

Human resources are being dedicated to the expansion of esports. Tsujimoto wants to increase title lifespan by up to five years, which is weird because Marvel vs Capcom:Infinite is pretty much dead. Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President of Capcom, wants to open more stores and increase sales via the store. He feels running Capcom Esports Clubs will build more of a market for esports interest and hype. The stores will have IPs & game demos.

Capcom Pro Tour will be held at the Tokyo Game Show in September. We learned earlier this year that Esports will be the main attraction at the TGS. There will be a spot for the top ranking Japanese player, this is to build more moral for the locals.

Watch the full Capcom Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Results Presentation here 


Kotaku published an article, To Eliminate Match-Fixing In Esports, Pay Them More.
The article brings up some good points, like paying players more money, I’m always down for that. Some competitors are throwing matches because they are promised more money like 10-time Starcraft champ Lee “Life” Seung Hyun. He received $60,000 to throw two matches in 2015. His total prize money for that year is $110,000 because he was still one of the top players. That was a pretty hefty bribe. The article goes on to mention how gambling almost ruined professional sports like the NFL. However, gambling made it more popular. That’s how you get people to watch teams they’re not interested in like the Browns. Gambling helped esports and yes increased organized crime, but saying that gambling could ruin esports, is a bit of a reach. It’s hard to rig Overwatch, League and Dota because they’re sponsored by billion dollar companies. DraftKings is already getting their hands on League. Then people will want to watch teams like Cloud9, kidding, kind of.

Hong “Madlife” Min-gi announced retirement last week. Last seen on stage in 2017 at League of Legend tournament. A lot of people are saying Madlife is the reason they main support like Matthew “Matt” Elento, the support of the Golden Guardians. His name used to be MattLife. Everyone is saying how MadLife changed the game but he hasn’t been on a team in over a year. For someone who is so reverenced, well respected and a legend, why hasn’t he been picked up? Matt was the last person to play against him in the Summoner’s Cup. The ESPN article is comparing him to Steph Curry, how sway? Curry is still playing! We need to take better care of legends.

League Switches up the Game…the Industry

League of Legends is changing the nature of this esports title to make it a long lasting game. It turns out the North American League already has this system in place. The difference in the European market is the League is split up in many different ways. Marc Schnell said in an interview

Currently, we have 10 teams in the league, and they qualify to participate in the league through a secondary league below that. That’s the old system. We’re moving away from that to an entirely different model where we’re partnering with 10 teams. Those teams will be long-term partners with the league. The concept is that the league and the teams become business partners to build and improve on this product together.” This may help so that League doesn’t become a revolving door. Or we can keep players like Madlife.