Overwatch it’s Hammond Time!
Overwatch Here Revealed
His name is Hammond; he is genetically engineered and is a tiny fury genius. It seems to come from the Horizon Lunar Colony and is good friends with Winston? He may not even be a hero. What I do know is, he rolled in my heart with his ball of death. Check out the tech:

Souce: PlayVS Tumblr

Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL) is bringing esports to high schools

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NHFS) and RIIL entered a partnership to start an e-sports league in Rhode Island. The NFHS is looking to roll out this program in 15 more high schools by this fall. How it works is there will be two seasons, Oct. through Jan and Feb through May. Seasons include pre, regular and post competitions. There are different games available, which require approval. The leagues will be coed and unlimited teams can be formed at a varsity level. This allows more students to compete in the league. And the students matches will be live-streamed and play in front of a live audience.

All of this is being made possible by Play VS, a company hrlping schools put together this league. The students are required to pay $16 a month participatin fee. The schools need to have access to internet and computers.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege Website

Rainbow Six Siege is on and popping
The Paris Qualifiers started on Jun 22 through Jul 2.
Yesterday two Brazilian teams went head to head, BootKamp Gaming and Faze Clan, 6-4.
Today French league Team Vitality bested Mockit Esports, 6-1.
If you’re in Europe, North America and Latin America you too can join the first stage of qualifiers. Starting June 30th tournaments will be held every Saturday. The better you perform the more points awarded. Either eight or 16 teams will advance to the next stage based off points. Stage 2 starts July 16. Get more info here.