Square Enix

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is back! Lara Croft is trying to stop a Mayan Apocalypse. She’s still going to be outnumbered and out gunned by Trinity but that stealth though will always be what counts in the end! I’m definitely excited to see how many ways she can die in this one. Enix mentioned underwater mechanics being different. I wonder if I’ll find a breathing mask earlier on and be able to withstand long underwater or if I’ll get more natural breathe time.

Just Cause 4

It’s cool to see Rico Rodriguez but there’s, a female antagonist who is POC. She’s the oppressor and I’m here for that.
Just Cause is getting a bit deeper in this one. I’m here for that. You can get creative in a sandbox game. Deploy booster rockets, enemies have better AI so combat is a bit more intense. Everything is powered by an Apex engine and the soundtrack doesn’t sound to bad either

The Quiet Man

This is going to be super cool if it’s a game about a person who is hearing impaired. We’ll get more information in August.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Alrighty, we get more info about KH3. It’s not just about Elsa having a Caitlin Snow vs Killer Frost internal struggle. We see them trying to extract Roxas from Sora. We see him getting help from Rapunzel (maybe she replaced Donald Duck), he looks like he’s rescuing the hero, Hercules. I hope they let the muses in on a track for this game. Honestly, I saw Wreck it Ralph and I was sold.

Monster Fantasy, Tho!!!

That mashup between Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy has to be dope. The combat is going to be interesting. I’m looking forward to more information.

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