Like all Kingdom Hearts fans, I’m impatiently waiting for the drop date (because 2018 isn’t enough…I have to plan financially…I mean…SPYRO). The trailer is sick, citing new worlds from Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Also, can we talk about Ariel?

I decided to go back to the basics and play the original KH on PS2 in order to prepare myself, and because nostalgia always gets the best of me…and honestly? IT WAS SO REFRESHING.

This article started as a review of revisiting Kingdom Hearts, but what I want to talk about is the sense of peace and relaxation we experience playing an old game. Now, I can’t guarantee the same refreshing feeling if you pop Bloodborne in, but there is something to be said for revisiting games you loved as kids. I’ve seen a couple articles written about this, asking questions like “Why don’t I love video games anymore?” or “How do I become reinterested in gaming?”.

When we experience problems or frustrations in daily life, we’re often told to go back to the root. We want to start over. We want the basics. Why not the same for gaming? This is the idea behind remakes, and why there is such a mad rush in preorders when we read things like “Spyro triology” and “Final Fantasy 7” (ha).

Keeping that in mind, I thought I’d put together a list of some cool nostalgia inducing game things. Spend safely, ya’ll.


Spyro controllers by Kustom Kontrollerz

Kustom Kontrollerz does exactly what their name says, controller customization. With the release of the remastered Spyro, what gift could be better? The ones in the article are mock-ups, but you can place orders through the companies twitter!

More information can be found at:


Hyperkin Smartboy for Android

I find this extremely exciting (minus the fact that I’m team Apple). Emulators have always made my phone crash after a while and there is nothing worse than losing that kind of ground on Zelda…I promise you. I’ve seen a couple complaints about the product being excessive, but it’s more about the feeling of popping in a cartridge and playing than anything.

These can be found at:

Syberia for Nintendo Switch

I spent HOURS playing this as a kid. My binge only ended after I’d ripped my laptop out of the wall carelessly…(I know). I’ve seen pretty positive reviews about the switch, so if fun puzzle games are your thing, you’ve got a good deal with this.

It can be found at:


Look, we all know these are more technical furbies and will bring about the end of the world. But how FUN was it to try to keep an ugly little pixelated balloon alien alive? Order one. Play it at work. Destress.
Can be found at:

Hope for a new Tony Hawk

This isn’t a product. It’s more my wishful thinking. But. I would KILL to get a new Pro Skater, preferably with Darren Harper (I’m a DC girl, what can I say), and better customization. Let’s cross our fingers that Descenders works something out.

More information can be found at: